British Wheel of Yoga

Foundation Course

This 60 hour part-time course is designed for ease of study, to intensify and expand the general practices of yoga, with a variety of sessions being spread over ten months.

The course gives a much deeper insight into the whole picture of yoga.  It is ideal for those enjoying their weekly yoga class, yet at a point where they would like to understand the background to yoga.

The course offers an introduction to Pranayama, meditation, mudra, kriya, chanting, philosophy and a more ‘in depth’ approach to asana, talks and discussions on the context and meaning of yoga, and relaxation techniques.  It offers the time and level of study for self enquiry and self development. 

For many the course can cement their own practice and be enough as a ‘stand alone’ course.  Others are inspired to go into more depth of study and continue with separate disciplines such as Pranayama or meditation modules.  For some it is a good testing ground, especially if they decide to go on to the Teacher Training Diploma.

Please note that the course is not aimed at teaching and you do not have to be planning to teach to do the course. 
This course is often a requirement for those who wish to go on to teach, but equally suited to those who simply want to develop their knowledge of yoga.  There will soon be a Foundation Course 2 for those who wish to further that knowledge and experience.

The course runs on one Sunday per month, 12 -6.30pm. 

Please contact me with any further questions.


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